How To Use Cannabis Oil

The uses of cannabis oil vary depending on its purpose and the user’s preferences. Let’s talk about all the options you have in using cannabis oil.

Internal Uses


Generally speaking, the oil form of cannabis consumption is done sublingually, meaning under the tongue. This method allows the oil to be absorbed by the tissues and mucous membranes and later on gets passed into the bloodstream.

Not only is this method convenient but it also allows high concentrations of the oil to enter your bloodstream. This means that just like coconut oil, only a low dose of it should be taken through this method.

Consuming cannabis oil may also be done orally. Swallowing doses of this oil allows it to be metabolized in a way that makes its effects last longer.

Mixed with drinks

As you may have guessed, oral consumption of cannabis oils isn’t for everyone. And that’s because of its pure and raw taste.

To lessen the intensity of its taste, you may dilute it by mixing it into drinks like smoothies and tea.

This method allows the oil to interact with the other ingredients of your drink and intensify their effects and benefits.

As an ingredient in baking

And if the taste still bothers you, an ideal way to consume cannabis oil is to bake it into goods, allowing its taste to completely vanish into your cannabutter goodies.

Also, if you prefer to consume this oil without experiencing any psychoactive effects, you should choose a pastry that is baked above 245 degrees in order to burn the THC.

As a spice

But when it comes to using THC oil, using it as a spice when cooking dishes are the best option.

This oil should not be used on its own. A few drops of it should be mixed along with cooking oils like olive, canola, or coconut oil instead.

External Uses

Nowadays, a wide range of beauty products contains CBD oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This is also why many have started applying pure CBD oil onto their skin as a way of treating many infections and conditions. A couple of these are acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

However, unlike essential oils and topical oils, CBD oil is highly concentrated and is non-diffusable to the air.

Precautions In Ingesting Cannabis Oil


Although the dosages of medical marijuana have always depended on personal preference, just a few drops of cannabis oil are more than enough.

Finding the right dosage for you may require a couple of experiments. But it’s always best to start on a low dosage and wait a couple of hours to take a higher one.

It’s crucial to remember that an ounce of cannabis oil within a day is the maximum dosage one should take.

Risks and Warnings

Since cannabis oil is still in the early stages of research and may occupy a legal gray area, it’s important to be cautious when using it.

Most countries have not yet legalized the use of medical marijuana and may not allow extracted oils from the plant either.

It is also highly advisable to check with your physician before consuming or using cannabis oil medically. This is with emphasis on infants, children, and pregnant individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Cannabis Oil is healthy?

It depends on a couple of factors including weight. The maximum dosage would be 1,500 mg or an ounce per day. But basing it on an individual’s weight, 60 drops per day is safe for a 200-pound individual.

Can Cannabis Oil be taken orally?

Yes, in fact, the most effective way of using cannabis oil is by taking it orally, specifically underneath the tongue.

Can I take Cannabis Oil before bed?

Yes, you can. Taking Cannabis oil an hour or half before going to bed can de-stress your body and even result in higher production of melatonin.

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