Terpenes: 10.8%

Total distillate: 89.2%

Total THC: 27%

MFR Date of PKG: 12/12/2023; Date of 13/12/2023

ST-CDPP-010252 is the batch ID.

Available Flavors

  • Apple BA-Bomb
  • Buttered Biscuit
  • Ice Cream Sherbet
  • Cherry PopA D9 Distillate thc drop is resting on a dabbing tool’s edge. This opaque orb and viscus are taut like a raindrop, glinting as they lie inside the concave folds of titanium. This golden drop of goodness contains a semi-translucent 99% pure tetrahydrocannabinol (D9 Distillate THC) sap that has been decarboxylated and distilled. This bit of oil is worth more by weight than almost any other consumable on the market, dollar for dollar, and for good reason—cannabis oil distillates are maybe the cannabis concentrates of the future.
Ingredients of the 1G distillate Tsuyo vape pen

Distillate D9, Terps


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