Also known as Granddaddy Purple or GDP. Potent, pure, and yes, purple, when it comes to us from our friends at small, craft farms. And we treat every batch like we’d treat any good granddad: with a lot of care. And cannabis terpenes. .5G or 1G gold cannabis oil in CCELL™ cartridge for use with 510 vape pen battery.

FEELINGS: Relaxed 60%,Sleepy 50%,Happy 47%,Euphoric 44%,Hungry 34%.

HELPS WITH: Stress 40%,Pain 35%,Anxiety 31%,Insomnia 31%,Depression 22%.

NEGATIVE EFFECTS: Dry mouth 32%,Dry eyes 18%,Dizzy 7%,Paranoid 5%,Headache 3%.

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