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AK-47 will make you feel calm and at ease; don’t let its intense moniker deceive you. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines Afghani, Mexican, Thai, and Colombian strains to create a fascinating fusion of flavors and effects. AK-47 might provide a consistent, long-lasting cerebral buzz that helps you stay focused and involved in social or artistic endeavors. Its sweet, floral elements are only completely apparent in the taste, since its earthy, sour aroma conceals them.

Emotions: Joyful (58%), Profound (46%), Enhanced (45%), Calm (45%), Inventive (36%).
Helps with: 41% of stress, 29% of anxiety, 27% of pain, 25% of depression, and 17% of insomnia.
DOWNSIDES: Dry mouth (41%), dry eyes (24%), lightheaded (10%), paranoid 9%, headache 6%.

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